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Welcome to CLOS Clothing Supplier!

CLOS is a Wholesale Clothing Supplier website that gathers the manufacturers and customers.
The customers will be able to see our wholesale prices after their Wholesale Membership Request is reviewed and confirmed by the management. Please fill up the necessary form at the left to sign up. After filling it up, you will be contacted as soon as possible.
The prices on CLOS are Wholesale Prices. There is MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) of each product. There is no Retail Sales on CLOS.
If you would like to order in bulk with good quality at reasonable prices, CLOS will present you the best products in Wholesale Apparel Market.
You can order the items without losing time. CLOS will deliver your orders to your door in a safe way via DHL, TNT, ARAMEX and FEDEX.
You can contact us on Live Chat below or on WhatsApp +90 546 699 90 05
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