Wholesale Clothing Distributors | Clos

30 May 2019
Wholesale Clothing Distributors | Clos

Talking about wholesale clothing distributors; they are the ones who buy clothes in bulk quantity from wholesalers and then distributing those items to the retailers.


Who Uses Wholesale Clothing Distributors?


There was a time when retailers used the wholesale distributors to let them buy a large quantity for a smaller amount and then purchasing those items from the distributors to sell at a higher rate to the customers.


However, now what happens is that distributors sell directly to the customers to enjoy more profit and customers also enjoy this service as they get lower rates than buying from retailers. Also, the wholesalers sell the items for a slightly higher rate to take the most benefit from the situation.But also with benefits, there are some risks when working with distributors and they are:

 Working With Them

Distributors work as a medium between the wholesaler and a retailer and that can add to more costs such as fuel and transportation cost, the fee of the distributor, product availability, product trends, and also limited product storage.


Along with that, miscommunication happens between a wholesaler and a supplier mainly because of the distributor as some things may not be conveyed properly. For example, if the price fluctuates and the distributor has already conveyed the price to the retailer which may cause loss to a wholesaler so it is advisable to directly contact a wholesaler or a supplier to make things run smoothly.

Find A Distributor

And to mitigate these problems, you can take some steps as well such as reviewing the previous work of the clothing distributor before making a deal. Also, pay close attention to the trends of the sale and check if the clothing distributor is updated with that information.


With almost everything comes benefits and limitations such is the case with clothing distributors as well but to resolve these issues you will have to find the best wholesale clothing distributor.

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