Style For Body Type

29 May 2018
Style For Body Type

We just touched summer and our gardrobe is getting warm like us. Many kind of men clothes in colorful and patterned are just ready for us . But first we should know a subject which is useful in our life. There are different types of body so every clothes aren't fit for all of us so we are gonna try to tell which type of clothes fit for body types.

Basicly there is three types of body 'Skinny(Ectomorph), Triangle(Mesomorph) and bulky(Endomorph). So let's start with skinny one of body types.

Skinny body types ; Who is lucky but also unlucky cause there is many kind of men clothes you can wear besides skinnyone cause you already skinny and when you wear skinny clothes you can look more skinny than previous. So please try to choose more straight or more comfortable ones. Also kucky you, you can use many clothes in the same look and still you look stylish with them. Especially in suit, blazer, shirts, pants you can prefer also slimfit cut which perfect for your body type.

When we talked about triangle body type is fit for all kind of mens clothes. But they also keep away from skinny cut or they can choose some part skinny in their daily look to get correct look. They have a wide shoulder and thin waist and bust so whatever you choose you outfit will be fit on you. Also you keep away from some pattern which can show you wider than what you have now. After all these info you can prefer your summer look.

And the last one bluky guys have to check their body proportion before shopping. They have to avoid skinny cut men clothes also avoid from patterned fabric which can show you more wider. You can get best look with more comfortable clothes. Also if you can make your combination more easily it would be better. 

The best elegancy is the correct clothes which you prefer according to your body type. And let all of this things give you to motivation and make your life as you wish.

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