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Frequently Asked Questions


1- What are your product types?
There are men's women's and children's clothing, shoes and accessories on our site. Although we have a wide product range, we have a product stock that appeals to all ages and weights.
2-Do you send samples? Can I get samples at wholesale prices?
CLOS is a wholesale company. Therefore, firstly please contact with your sales representative for purchase as sample. The sales representative will convert the wholesale memberships of our customers who want samples to retail memberships and send samples.
3-Can we see the products if we come to your office?
We have a showroom in Istanbul with our Wessi products (suits, blazers, shirts and trousers). If you wish, you can test our products by visiting the showroom.
4-Is the stock of the suits out of stock being updated?
We regularly have stock updates, you can get more detailed information about stock information from your sales representative.
5- Do you have a catalog and price list?
You can find our products and price information on our website. In order to see the stocks and prices of the products, you must be a member of our site. You can contact our sales representatives in cases where you have difficulty in accessing products or price information.


1-What are your payment methods?
You can easily place an order from our website. You can add the cart your needed items and you can go payment section. Our payment types are bank wire (if you will complete with bank wire you will get 2% discount), paypal,credit card,mail order,western union.
2-Is there any discount if I buy wholesale?
The CLOS site is a wholesale site. We make certain discounts on special days and weeks on our site. However, apart from these situations, you can earn various discount coupons depending on the amount of your order.


1- How long does the delivery time of the receive the products?
After you make your payment and complete your order, your order will be delivered to your door within 4-5 business days for the USA, 5-6 business days for Europe and 7-10 business days for African countries. So your order is at your door with one click.
2- Can I work with my own cargo?
If you have a contracted with cargo company in Turkey, we deliver your order to your package to cargo company as free of charge.


1- How can I reach you? Do you have a telegram or whatsapp group?
After become a membership on our site, our sales representatives communicate with you via whatsapp,mail or call. You can also easily reach us on our whatsapp line and live chat. Our sales representatives give you all the information about our website and your order individually. For our customers who want to join the telegram group, your sales representative will help you join our telegram group.
2- We want to come to your country to see the products, can you send an invitation?
Due to country conditions and laws, the state does not allow us to send invitations. However, if you want to come with your own means, you can visit our showroom.


1-Do you customize the labels?
We perform customizations on labels within certain rules. Rules; (1)- Buying a minimum of 1000 label from the site. (2)- To order a product of minimum 3000 dollars from the site. (3)- Depending on your request, the labels can be change which produced by us as extra charge.
2-Do you make custom production?
We make custom production. Please contact our customer representatives for details.

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