Mission 'The Tuxedo'

15 October 2018
Mission 'The Tuxedo'
Tuxedo and smokin are the most important suit models in men life. Cause everyone just prefer them in special day in your special day you should be a star in the place.
So you should choose a correct tuxedo or smokin in your special day. Your posture belong your style for this day. We will try to offer you some advices about how you can choose correct tuxedo or smokin for your special days.
Let’s start with the cut of tuxedos. Nowadays in tuxedo fashion area, trend is going now slim-fit cut. So you should start with slimfit tuxedos for your choices. When your tuxedo and smokin fit your body type, you can show your best around you and you can get attention forsure. Actor you choose correct cut, you should decide which model of tuxedo/smokin is better for you. There are many type of tuxedos model but two of them is too clear with vest or simple tuxedos’. If you want to keep your body more fit you should choose tuxedo with vest, also you can use it without blazer and still you can be elegant and comfortable.
When we reach color part of correct tuxedo and smokin, best sellers are black and navy blue but nowadays white and burgundy is also preferable. According to our stylist black color is the most matchable color with tuxedo and smokin so if you don’t wanna get any mistake you can concantrate with theese color to get prefect look in your special day.
With theese informations you can get a great idea about tuxedo/smokin selection. In good cut of tuxedo with correct model and color you will be a star in your special day. We loved to be a company with you as a family of WSS Wessi Menswear.
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