How to Make The Right Choice of Wholesale Suits ? | Clos

10 December 2018
How to Make The Right Choice of Wholesale Suits ? | Clos

Sometimes wearing a suit is tricky. This article will help you determine what to wear and how to
wear it. Many people often only wear wholesale suits to attend weddings or in the office. The reality is that
you can wear a suit on several occasions without feeling overdressed.
Wholesale Casual Suit: Most linen and cotton suits can be worn alone. Try to find a pair of dark jeans that
match your suit. Stay away from the independent wholesale black suit. If you want a casual look, you can
also lose your tie and keep the first 2 buttons of your shirt unbuttoned. Don't wear sneakers when
wearing jeans without a tie; otherwise you will end up mixing too many different styles. You can
definitely wear a pair of flat-bottomed sneakers, but look for a casual tie (probably a tight tie). In
other words, try to maintain a balance between dressy and casual. If your body is slim, then your
suit should be fit. Also, try to stay away from the double-breasted suit when wearing jeans or not
wearing a tie.
Many people tend to wear suits with special events or boring corporate dresses. It turns out they
are wrong. You can now find suits of any color and material. When you wear a suit, you can also
wear shoes, shirt ties and pocket kerchiefs (handkerchiefs).
This is nothing too complicated. First, choose the suit that suits your body (that is, a slim man go
for slim fit). If your size is somewhere in between, choose a tighter size. Colors and materials are
up to you, and the most important thing is that matching is not that hard. As long as the colors
you match have the same saturation, they will match. Try to match the soft color to another soft
color; or another solid color with a solid color. According to this rule, you can make a good
outfit until it is safe.

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