How Should Wholesale Men's Pants Fit | Clos

25 April 2019
How Should Wholesale Men's Pants Fit | Clos

Do you have any idea about the fitting of wholesale men’s pants? Want to know about it?

Here you will find a detailed guide about the fitting of men’s pants.

Let us discuss.

Wholesale Men's Pants Waits And Seat

The wholesale men’s pants should fit perfectly around the waist, and there is no need of a belt for holding them up. The ants should touch the area of the hipbone and somewhat higher. It is different between wearing jeans and suits pants; the jeans are designed to wear lower. If you are feeling that you are going to tear up your pants, they are too tight. If there is an excess fabric around the butt, it can be loose. The tailor can quickly fix this; it would not be cheap or easy.

How Should The Legs Length Be

You require pinching about 1 inch of fabric on both sides of your thigh. If it is a little less, the pants are too tight for you. If there is more than 1 inch, you can ask your tailor to slim the legs with a slight taper so that it becomes narrow towards the ankle. It will look amazing on every size or type of the body.

Hem And Cuff

Keep your suit pants hemmed for leaving a little break. It will give a sharper and polished look as compared to a full break and no break, and it not used for everyday wear.  A little break can efficiently work for everyone.

A great trick to ask the tailor hems the wholesale pants, so that it can be a little longer at the back side of the hem. In this way, when you walk, you will feel less stocked. When you stand, it will lay nice and on the top and back of the shoe.

Hence, it is quite essential to have the best fitting of wholesale men’s pants as it is entirely necessary for everyone to have the best fit.

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