How Should Wholesale 3 Piece Suit Jacket Fit? | Clos

11 Nisan 2019
How Should Wholesale 3 Piece Suit Jacket Fit? | Clos

Do you know how a wholesale 3 piece suit fit should? Are you worried about getting the best fitting for your outfits? Here is a complete guide that you need to know.

We all know that an outfit of best fitting looks impressive on everybody. At multiple times, every one of use complains about having a poor fitting of our most favorite suits.

Let us first discuss how a suit jacket of a wholesale 3 piece suit fit.

What to Consider When Buying Wholesale Suits


The jacket length of the suit will reveal the balance of your upper body to the lower body. If you are confused about your jacket’s length, you will not get the best look of your whole suit. If you are below 5’9’’ the jacket should end around the mid-crotch and if you are taller than that, prefer mid to lower. A tailor can even make short your jacket up to an inch without mixing up its proportions, but if there is no fabric, he cannot let much out.


You require seaming the shoulders of the jacket to end at the end of shoulders, where they initiate curving down to the arms. There should be no wrinkles or divots in the shoulders. For more rounded shoulders, the seam should end in the same place; you require more padding in the shoulders to look less rounded. If there is the wrong measurement and the shoulders can get small or too big, it is denuding for the tailor to fix it.


When the palms are facing the ground while bending the wrist, the sleeves of the jacket can be approximately ¼ above your hand’s top. If there are long sleeves, it is quite easy for the tailor to fix that. If the sleeves are short, they will ditch the jacket as there is no sufficient fabric in the sleeves to let out for your tailor.

In addition to these, multiple other things are also responsible for the best fitting of your wholesale 3 piece suit jacket.

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